Lifecell Cream: Our Official Review

The reason why I started this site (apart from the fact that I’m a girl and I hate wrinkles) is because I was tired of reading all the false, non-factual LifeCell reviews that seem to litter the web these days.

I wanted to make it my aim to give you girls the real answers when it comes not only to this anti wrinkle cream, but also it’s competitors. And at the same time offer my own advice when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and wrinkle free.

My Story

I hated looking in the mirror and seeing new wrinkles. I felt like I tried everything: at-home treatments, spa facials, visits to a naturopath, even a strict anti-aging diet, yet nothing seemed to work which I found beyond frustrating.

I spent so much money, went through so many different emotions, and was ready to give up and just accept the fact that I was just always going to look my age, no matter what I did to hide it.

During one of my final visits to my naturopath I was complaining to her that I was at my wit’s end with trying to look younger and feel better about myself.

Luckily, she didn’t get annoyed with my constant complaining but instead mentioned a cream that to this day I still count as my absolute favourite product and has completely changed the way I look and has shaved at least 10 years off my face!

Change Your Life With LifeCell, I did!

As soon as my girl Cindy raved to me about LifeCell cream and what it did for her I immediately went home and started doing my research.

To say the least, I was delighted at what I read! So much so that I bought LifeCell, started using it right away and even shot a video over 6 weeks showcasing my results.

Curious to see for yourself? Click that big ol’ sexy play button to see what LifeCell did for me.

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How Lifecell Works

Simply put Lifecell skin cream works to treat your damaged skin cells, the leading cause of wrinkles, and brings your skin back to life.

It does this by helping to guard your skin from future signs of aging, allowing you to see dramatic improvements in your photo-damaged skin. On top of that Lifecell face cream revitalizes your skin, causes lines and wrinkles to fade away, and improves your skin’s elasticity.

Lifecell is so effective because the cream is comprised of antioxidants, active ingredients, water-bindng agents, anti-inflamatories, and anti-irrantants making your skin feel amazing while also starting to look younger.

It does all of this thanks to ingredients such as: Ascorbyl Palmitate which contains Vitamin C and helps to promote collagen production and lightens hyper-pigmentation, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 which is also known as the ultimate Botox alternative (without the painful needles) and helps to dramatically reduce the severity of your wrinkles.

On top of that Lifecell face cream also contains Deanol, an ingredient that forces your skin to firm up and to tone the muscles underneath.

Essentially Lifecell is a face lift in a bottle, without the cost, the needles, and the risk.

What Sold Me on Lifecell Cream

As if all of that wasn’t enough to entice me to order Lifecell wrinkle cream, the promise that Lifecell eye cream will immediately reduce the appearance of my wrinkles in 17 seconds is what sold me. 17 seconds. I was floored! How could a cream reduce the look of my wrinkles in 17 seconds?

Essentially, Lifecell achieves this thanks to it’s ingredients reflecting miniscule molecules of light away from the cracks in our skin which is what we see when we see wrinkles in our skin.

What’s interesting is that our eyes can’t actually see wrinkles, what it sees is the shadown that the wrinkles casts onto your skin.

The best part about Lifecell wrinkle cream is that it reflects these shadows, instantly causing your wrinkles to become much less noticable.

I mean, to say I was excited to try it is an understatement. I immediately ordered my Lifecell cream and waited anxiously like a little kid for it to arrive.

I managed to come across a video where someone high up from the company that owns Lifecell (Southbeach Skincare) was able to best describe how the cream works. Check it out below:

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My Results Using Lifecell

My order of Lifecell cream came in just under a week and I started using it that day.

The claims of me noticing the appearance of my wrinkles reduce in 17 seconds was accurate but not as dramatic as I had hoped, but when I think back to it, how much of an effect did I expect for my first 17 seconds of using a new cream?

All in all, I did notice a difference in the way my wrinkles appeared, showing that Lifecell skin cream lived up to it’s first promise.

For the first two weeks or so I didn’t notice that serious of a change in the way my skin looked. It looked like it had a nicer glow to it but I didn’t so much see any changes in my lines and wrinkles.

I decided to start using Lifecell face cream two times a day to see if that would change anything and holy cow, I’m so happy I did!

Within that first week my skin started to firm up and sort of look like it was lifting. My eyes looked more open, alert, much less tired, and younger!

Thanks to Lifecell eye cream, the bags under my eyes also started to reduce, overall giving me a younger look around my eye area which had been such a problem before.

As the weeks rolled on and I continued to use Lifecell wrinkle cream I started noticing that my skin was looking much more nourished, supple, and had a nice healthy glow to it.

I started receiving compliments on how I looked and ultimately started feeling much more confident and younger! To me, that experience paid for my Lifecell cream over and over again.

The Only Thing Lifecell Didn’t Do For Me

While I had such an amazing experience with how my face looked after using Lifecell skin cream, it didn’t really work that well for my neck. Since I have a big of sagging, wrinkled skin under my chin and around my throat I was hoping that Lifecell would help cure that as well.

While it did lighten up the tone and give me a healthy glow all over, it didn’t really erase the lines and wrinkles as dramatically as it did on my face.

Ultimately, that isn’t a huge deal to me and I would much rather prefer my face look younger more so than my neck.

Look As Young As You Feel

While Lifecell skin cream may be a little pricier than the wrinkle creams you can buy in any store, it is much more effective in the results it delivers and is, in my honest opinion, worth the few extra dollars.

Another factor that I found extremely reassuring is that when you order Lifecell face cream you are guaranteed to test it out for 30 days! That way you can try LifeCell without having to buy LifeCell right away.

It helps to remove any hesitations that you may feel about ordering LifeCell wrinkle cream online.

Honestly, LifeCell is by far the best product I have ever bought online and I will continue to recommend it to any friend, online or off, who is looking for an effective wrinkle and anti-aging solution that actually works.

And I’ll say it again, while I know the price can be slightly daunting, I found it to be a worthy investment. Besides, the 30 days helped to ease my anxieties around buying LifeCell online.

After all, what do you have to lose? Other than years off your face.

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